Meet Author CJ Johnson 


CJ Johnson is a native of Durham, North Carolina. She attended UNC Charlotte for her undergraduate degree where she majored in Criminal Justice and Criminology and minored in Africana Studies. CJ went on to attend Virginia State University to obtain her Masters of Education in Community Counseling. She now resides in Petersburg, VA where she works full time completing mental health assessments in the community and working on her LPC. 



CJ is a former teacher and realized when reading to children that there was a tremendous need for minority story books that children could relate to.


CJ wrote and completed her first children's book, "Melanin Poppin': Mommy, Why Is My Skin Tone Different Than Yours?" which is based on a true life story. This story highlights a young girl who does not understand the different shades of melanin and her mother explains the beauty of "melanin" and embracing your own skin tone. This book is the beginning of a series, which will address the questions young children face while growing up.